Tuesday’s Tips: How to Survive College

9 Oct

As a college senior,  I have successfully managed to keep my head above water for the past three years of my college career. Here are a few tips that I not only wished I had known sooner but have really helped me along the way.

1) Stay organized! Clearly label binders and notebooks and have a specific place to keep all loose papers. Those handouts that you accidentally threw away or lost will come in handy when test time comes! Keep everything your professors give you and make sure they are somewhere you can easily locate them.

2) Go to class prepared! Whether this means remembering to bring along a pencil or reading all the materials your professor assigned, arriving to class prepared will not only allow you to learn more but will also make you feel better about yourself. Additionally, it will be so much easier to prepare for that test if you have kept up along the way.

3) Use campus resources! Free resources on campus such a tutoring or the school nurse, can both save you money and help you preform better in your classes. They are there for YOU to use! Take advantage of them!

4) Pack water and a snack! Staying hydrated and full will help you be able to focus better in class. 

5) Don’t be afraid to say NO! Don’t overextend yourself, either socially or academically, to the point where you feel overwhelmed or are unable to complete your classwork.

6) Go to class! Have fun, enjoy every minute of college but remember that you are ultimately there to get a degree and a job! Don’t put extra curricular activities ahead of your classes. You will not know the material or be able to get a good grade in the class if you never show up! Professors are much more willing to bump a B+ up to an A- if you have attended class regularly.

7) Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! Manage your time effectively so that you can get enough rest. You will not get sick as much and be able to stay awake in class!

I hope these tips will help you. If you have any to add to the list, please feel free to comment!


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