Tuesday’s Tips: How to Manage the Muffin Top

16 Oct

Even the most slim and trim person can experience the dreaded muffin top. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it basically means that, right about your pant-line, an unwanted bulge sometimes appears just like muffins sometimes spill over the muffin tin (eeeek!). This does not mean that you are fat or that you have a little too much love on your love handles. Instead, it could actually mean that you are wearing pants that are not right for your body type. If the pants seem to fit around the waist and everywhere else but still make that muffin show its ugly head, the rise, not the necessarily the size of your jeans, might be the problem. Here are a few jean styles that will help manage the muffin top.

It is important to look for pants with a slightly higher rise. Low rise or super low rise pants tend to push up the midsection whereas mid rise jeans are more slimming. The rise refers to the length of the area from the crotch to the waistband on both the back and front of the pant. Finding jeans with a higher front and back rise is key.

American Eagles Original Boot jeans offer a higher 8.5″ front rise, 13.5″ back rise, fitted hip and thigh, and comes in a variety of lengths and washes. Such a great option for everyday because they can easily be dressed up or down. The higher rise is perfect for warding off the muffin top!

Silver Jeans Co. Lola is another great mid rise option. These have a more relaxed hip and thigh than the American Eagle jean. So, if you need a little more breathing room in that area, these are a wonderful option. At 8″, the front rise is a little lower than the AE jean however these still provide good coverage with a 12″ back rise.

Another one of my favorites is also from Silver Jean Co. and it is the Suki Surplus. This jeans features an 8.5″ front rise with a much higher 13.5″ rise in the back that is perfect for eliminating that muffin! This jean also comes in a variety of washes and lengths which is another plus.

If you are looking for a skinny jean, there is nothing better than the Levi’s Mid Rise Skinny . With a 9″ front rise and 14″ back rise, this pant will help keep the “skinny” in skinny jeans. It comes in at least one other color and, with 99% cotton, 1% spandex, it has just the right amount of stretch and will last you forever.

Ladies! Embrace your curves! Ever body is beautiful! Wearing clothes that fit properly with not only make you look better, but also make you feel better about yourself. So, next time you are shopping, try on a few of these styles and let me know what you think! What is your favorite jean?


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tips: How to Manage the Muffin Top”

  1. Judy October 16, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    Hey Danni! Im always struggling with jeans looking for a longer (higher) rise. Let me know if/when you have either Silver in 30/31 and Ill come shop! I always wanted to love the Suki but always thought the hips/legs were small. Guess the surplus may be more my fit 😉

    • dannigirl2013 October 18, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

      I sure will! I think that we might just have some. I will look when I work tomorrow and, if we do, put them on hold for you! 🙂

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