Tuesday’s Tips: How to Mix Black and Brown

23 Oct

Many of us get stuck in fashion ruts where we abide by rules that no one really knows where originated or why we follow them. Rules like “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” or “gold and silver can only be worn apart, never together”. However, it is clear that white CAN (and should!) be worn anytime of year (there is such thing as “winter white”!) and mixed metals is always a fashion do. Another fashion faux-pas has oftentimes been mixing black and brown, but today I’m going to show you ways to wear black and brown together in the same outfit (gasp!) and look awesome doing it!

One easy way to integrate a black/brown combo into your wardrobe is through your shoe choice. Ground this look with black jeggings and then your shoe options are endless. I prefer sticking with shoes that are a little lighter in color because they create a wonderful contrast to the black. By creating contrast, it clearly says “I meant to do this” instead of just looking like you accidentally put on the wrong shoes. I also like to incorporate some brown accessories to complete the look.

mixing black and brown

Old Navy fitted top


Zipper boots

Burberry shawl
$320 –

Another easy way to try black and brown together is with leopard print. Why? Because nature did the hard work for us! Where leopard already includes both black and brown, it is super easy to incorporate other pieces. Here is a dressy look using leopard.

mixing black and brown


Ruched sleeve blazer


Jeffrey Campbell leather wedge boots
$175 –

Modern Vintage strap heels
$80 –

This is a great basic black dress, but the brown leather jacket and belt just take it to a new level! What a cool update to your average LBD! How cute would this be for a fall date?

Untitled #9

The row
$3,440 –

Forever 21 jewelry

Ela Stone ring
$135 –

Miso leopard scarve
$19 –

Dorothy perkin

I hope this has inspired you to try black and brown together if you haven’t already! And, if a brown and black combo is already part of your wardrobe, maybe this has given you a few more ideas to try! Just remember, confidence is the best fashion accessory!


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