How To: Easy French Tips

29 Oct

I love a french tip manicure. Its so classic! However, it can be sort of tricky to do! I have tried lots of different DIY french tip methods and this is the way that works best for me! Hope you enjoy!

I  like doing different color tips every now and then instead of just your traditional white tips but, of course, you can do white tips this same exact way! You will need two colors of polish (I used Sinful Colors Black on Black #103 and Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Metallica #468), some clear band aids, and of course a top coat.

#1) Paint your entire nail a base color (whatever color you want the entire nail to be apart from the tip).

#2) Wait until your nail is COMPLETELY dry and, after that, wait a little longer! You want to make sure the nail really is dry.

#3) Cut each band aid in half so you can use both ends.

#4) Unwrap a band aid half and stick the adhesive side of the band aid to the back of your hand three times. This will ensure that the band aid will not peel off your polish. Don’t worry! It will still be sticky – just not too sticky!

#5) Place the band aid half on your nail leaving just the tip exposed.

#6) Paint the exposed tip with the second color.

#7) Again, wait until the polish is COMPLETELY dry (patience grasshopper)! Once it is dry, SLOWLY peel off the band aid forward toward the tip of your nail.

#8) VIOLA! Finish with a top coat and you are all done!

(Please excuse my picture of the finished product. It was prior to cleaning up around the edges with a Q-tip and polish remover!)


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