Review: Samy Curl Constructor Activating Mousse

30 Oct

From my previous review, you all know that I love Suave Captivating Curls Whipped Mouse. Well, last time I stopped by Rite Aid (I always stop there because it is on my way to and from college) to grab some of my beloved mouse. They were out. After a few minutes of distraught debating, I decided to give Samy Curl Constructor Activating Mousse a try.

After washing my hair the following day, I grabbed my blow dryer and my new mouse. I immediately loved the mouse’s scent; very citrus-y and sweet. I promptly applied a small dollop to my locks and began to scrunch. The texture of the mouse wasn’t horrible, however it did tend to squirt out very runny (instead of like a mouse) and then puff up which made it hard to tell how much product you were actually using. In addition, after working it through my hair, I found that it became very sticky on both my hair and on my hands. When I began to diffuse my curls, I instantly noticed a big difference in my hair and not a good difference. My curls were stiff, piecy (not in a good way), crunchy, and sticky. I used my fingers to try and separate the stiff pieces that seemed to be protruding from all layers of my hair, but to no avail. I ended up having to completely re-curl my hair with a curling iron which I normally never have to do. To say this was a failed attempt is an understatement. I did decide to give it another try the next day thinking that I simply applied too much product. My second attempt yielded no better results. I used half the product I had the previous day and my curls were again weighed down, stiff, and my hair was just less curly than it normal. I thought this was so strange considering the product does say “activator” which made me think that it would make my hair curlier!

All in all I would not recommend this product. If your curls are super frizzy and hard to control this might work better for you. Nonetheless, if you are like me, and have soft curls or waves that aren’t overly frizz-prone this is probably not the product for you. I am going to pass this product on to one of my friends and let her try it out. Don’t worry! I have forewarned her about the problems I had (what kind of friend do you think I am!). If she has better or different results I will let you know!


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