How-To: Lose Five Pounds Just by Changing Clothes

14 Nov

We all have those moments where we look in the mirror (with shock and horror) and think “whoa! where did that bulge come from?!” I have preached it before and I’m going to continue to preach it: sometimes you don’t need to lose weight, you simply need to put on proper fitting or proper styled clothes – they make all the difference! Here are a few uber flattering pieces that are perfect for those “what the heck days!” and every day in between.

Every woman should own at least one wrap dress. The waistline is flattering on pretty much everyone. Look for one that hits just above the knee and has a v-neckline; this will instantly draw attention to your face and elongate your entire body. Also, pay attention to where the dress’s waist hit you; it should cinch you in at the smallest part of your body. These dresses can be easily dressed up or down just by changing your shoes and accessories.

wrap dresses

Wrap dress

$1,570 –

$32 –

Belt it! Strategically placing a belt at your waist (or the smallest part of your body) is instantly slimming. Belt dresses, tunics, and any top to define your waist.


You all know know my obsession with perfectly fitting denim. Dark, boot cut jeans with the perfect rise for your frame are universally flattering.

boot cut jeans

Denim pants


Celebrities everywhere already know this slimming combo: blazers and jeans. Pair a black blazer with those perfect jeans and it will instantly hide any unwanted bulges. Blazers should be a staple of every girls wardrobe! They look great with almost anything!

black blazers
black blazers

Nude pumps look great on everyone. Whether with jeans or dresses they streamline your body and instantly make your legs look longer. If you don’t already own a pair, add it to your next shopping list.

nude heels
nude heels

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