Boyfriend Jeans!

12 Jan
boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are not only cute and comfy, but they can also be a great transitional piece from winter to spring. Since they are usually worn rolled up, they can be a good half-way point between full length jeans and shorts. I gravitate towards boyfriend jeans that are more fitted through the hip and thigh then have a relaxed leg. This fit  accents feminine curves while still providing that boyfriend feel.

When styling your boyfriend jeans, it is important to keep the top more fitted. Without the structure of the fitted top, the look can get a little messy and sloppy whereas a more fitted top will accent and flatter your curves. Here is both a dressy and a casual look using boyfriend jeans combined with pieces that you already have in your closet! Hope you enjoy!

boyfriend jeans

Why this works:
Like Reese Witherspoon’s outfit, this is super casual and simple. The basic, fitted tee combined with the boyfriend jeans are both comfy while still looking put together. So easy!

boyfriend jeans
Why this works:
This is a little bit more dressy look that would be perfect for a date night – all you really need to do is add a blazer and pumps to the previous look. The fitted blazer and tee create the perfect, sexy shape to contrast with the boyfriend jeans while the black pumps elongate the leg. Adding the statement necklace is just icing on the cake!

What do you think about boyfriend jeans?



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