The Horror! Some People Don’t Know the Benefits of Polyvore

7 Feb

I was engaged in a conversation with a friend last week when she mentioned to me that, despite frequently needing fashion inspiration, she was not a dedicated user of Polyvore! What!? Because of this, I am very worried that some poor people still do not know the absoulute wonders of Polyvore. Consequently I am going to outline briefly some of this websites wonderful qualities!


Polyvore is not just for the artsy individuals or those with too much time on their hands. One of the great uses of Polyvore is the ability to build “sets” and “collections” with pieces (tops, bottoms, jewelry, etc) that you are in love with online. You create “sets” by arranging your favorite online pieces onto a board and making outfits. How handy! Not only does this allow you to save your favorite items (so you can go back and buy them later), but it also can serve as a reminder of great ways to wear these pieces. You can virtually try on thousands of outfits without undressing. Or, if you have a way of wearing something or have an outfit that you think is particularly cool or otherwise awesome, assemble it on Polyvore so that other users can glean inspiration from you! Let inner fashionista express herself!

My favorite part of Polyvore is that you can search other users sets and collections. How do you do this? Simply go to Polyvore and at the top right hand side of the screen you will see a “search” box. Within this search box is a drop down menu that will probably say “products”. Select the drop down menu and click on “sets”. Then just type in anything you have been thinking about buying, anything in your closet that you need inspiration on how to wear differently or that you don’t know how to wear at all (i.e. “red pencil skirt”, “boyfriend blazer”, “printed pants”, etc.). Right before your eyes will surface HUNDREDS of different ways to wear that item that you may or may not have thought about before. On numerous occasions, this has helped me out of a wardrobe rut where I get stuck wearing the same piece, the same way, over and over and over. Genius!

If this has not prompted you to at least give Polyvore a try I don’t know what will!



2 Responses to “The Horror! Some People Don’t Know the Benefits of Polyvore”

  1. RideandRope February 12, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    I nominated you for a blogging award! Just go to my blog, and follow the directions.

  2. dannigirl2013 February 20, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    Thank you so much!

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