Curl Confidence

10 Apr

As cheesy as it sounds, when I made peace with my curly hair it changed my life. Due largely impart to my crazy hair and my obsession with horses and horseback riding, my “awkward stage” began super early and didn’t depart until I was in my late teens. My hair troubles began very early on; my hair was not like any of my friends. Their hair was straight, shiny, manageable and I envied them like crazy. They could crimp their hair, wear it in pigtails, do whatever with it, while all I could achieve out of my own mane was that dreadful “poof”. I was painfully self conscious about my hair and my braces and tall stature did not help my self esteem. My mom was equally frustrated with my hair and brushed, conditioned, used hot oil treatments and everything she could to make my wild mop into something that resembled “normal” hair. The problem was, neither one of us knew that my hair was naturally curly. Instead, we simply believed that I had course, crazy hair, for which there was no hope. As a result, I only wore my hair in a ponytail for much of my adolescence. Then it all changed one glorious day when I went to have my hair cut.

I had never been to this particular hairstylist before and, as I set in the chair waiting to have yet another person fight with my hair and lose miserably, my mom explained to her how uncontrollable my hair was and the ensuing problems it constantly caused. Concerned, the stylist then turned to me, undid my ponytail, and washed my hair. Her silence worried me greatly. After she finished washing my hair, she combed it through and said (in a wonderfully southern old lady accent) “You have curly hair!” I was like “what?” I had no clue what that even meant. Was someone actually telling me that my hair was ok? Or, better yet, manageably normal? She proceeded to show me how to apply styling products and diffuse my hair ensuring me all the while that I was “a lucky girl” for possessing these natural curls.

I left the salon with a completely different attitude towards my hair. I now could not only style my hair into an actual style but I could wear it down! Move over pony tail! Immediately, I began racking up innumerable compliments on my curly hair. I could hardly believe it when everyone would say “is your hair naturally curly? Wow! I sure wish mine was!” Was it actually possible that someone would want to have hair like me? This was an incredible epiphany and, finally, I actually felt good and confident about my hair.

From then on, I have embraced my curly hair and, not only that, but I am thankful that I do have curls! Because of my hair texture, I’m able to wear it straight, wavy, or curly with ease and this is such a blessing. I have learned that it is not about hating something that you have, but all about working with and embracing what God has given you. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way! Work it girl!

Is there something about your hair or appearance that you have learned to love that you used to detest? If you have curly hair, when did you gain your curl confidence?



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