Backyard Barbecue Beauty Essentials

7 Jun

One of my favorite things during the summer are cookouts with family and friends. There is nothing better than hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, a good game of cornhole, and lots of quality time with awesome people on a hot summer afternoon. Although these events are usually super casual, you always want to look your best. Here are a few tips to help you look great and have a blast at your next summer barbecue.

I like to keep the beauty routine super simple with just a great BB cream and a few swipes of mascara. I love Rimmel London’s BB cream; its light but still provides coverage and it really will last all day. For mascara, I always reach for Maybelline One By One; it is my longtime favorite.

onebyone bbrimmell


A good humidity resisting hairspray is also essential on balmy summer days. Tressemme Climate Protection Hairspray is my go to.


After your hair and makeup are done, here are a few things that you should think about throwing in your bag before leaving the house. Probably the most important barbecue beauty product is sunscreen. Don’t leave home without it! My favorite sunscreens are sticks because they are super portable so you can take them along for reapplication and they generally have a beeswax base which makes them stay put longer. My favorite is Smart Girls Who Surf Face Stick SPF 30. It is all natural and feels great on skin.


I also like to grab a travel size bottle of dry shampoo to take along as well just because, after long hours out in the sun, hair can start looking a little greasy and flat.

One unpleasant guest that always seems to frequent barbecues are bugs. Consequently, you always want to bring along a bug repellent to keep those pesky visitors at bay. My friend and I just tried Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard Insect Repellent Wipes last night and they are awesome! They come as pres-moistened wipes that are so convenient to take anywhere. They also smell really good and don’t leave skin feeling sticky like normal bug sprays.

avonSince you have the dry shampoo to remove grease from your hair, its also good to have blotting papers to get rid of that greasy skin cause from sweating in the summer heat. I like Hard Candy’s blotting paper. They are portable, cheap, and get the job done.


With these few products, you will be ready to beat the heat (and beat your best friend at cornhole) all summer long! Hope you have fun at your next barbecue! I know I will!




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