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DIY: Burlap and Holly Berry Letter

20 Nov

On a recent trip to Michaels, my mom and I both bought some really big, really cool wood letters for around $2. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at the time but I figured I would figure something out. While browsing Pintrest, I found this picture and fell in love.

Since we are moving into the Christmas season, I decided to keep the rustic feel of my inspiration letter but take it into a more Christmas-y direction. Here is what I used:

I also used a small piece of sandpaper to rough up the letter a little bit to give it that vintage look. I also turned to Pintrest to figure out how to make a burlap bow. This tutorial was great.

She used burlap ribbon but I didn’t have any so I just used actual burlap. Also, she used floral wire which I also didn’t have (and was too lazy and cheap to go out and buy) so I just hot glued the entire thing. Here is the final product!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! It has surely got me in the Christmas spirit!



DIY: Burlap and Muslin Wreath

29 Aug

Today was my day off. Since I have been working so much lately, I vowed to make it an actual day off with only minimal housework and lots of relaxation. Of course, I just couldn’t resist another project and here is what I came up with!

What you will need:
hot glue gun
stick wreath (You can get these for super cheap! Mine was only $3.00!)

I began by cutting a piece of burlap into a long strip, wrapping it around the wreath, and gluing it into place with my hot glue gun.

Next, I made my little muslin flowers. I really love these guys and think they would be super cute on pillows and tons of other projects. To make the flowers, cut a piece of muslin into a long strip. The length and width of the strip are up to you. Obviously the longer and wider the strip, the bigger your flower will be. Then tie a knot in one end of the strip.

Then you want to begin wrapping the remaining length of the strip around the knot gluing it with your glue gun every wrap to secure. I like to twist as I wrap every now and then just to make the flower bulkier and more interesting.

Continue wrapping until you have reached the end of your strip of muslin.


When you reach the end, simply tuck it on the back of he flower and glue down with your glue gun. I made five of these for my wreath.


After finishing my flowers, I began cutting the burlap into strips.

In order to get that ruched, scrunchy look I wanted, I took one end of the strip, picked out one of the little frayed strings and began pulling.


Once it has scrunched up about half way down the strip, I switched and repeated the process on the other end of the strip.



I did this to five strips for my wreath but you could always do more or less. After this was complete, I arranged them into circles on the wreath itself and secured them with my glue gun.

To make the “leaves” for my flowers, I took the raffia and tied several pieces together to form a bow.

After the bow was tied, I cut the looped portion of the bow to make the frayed ends.


Using my glue gun, I then fastened these under the burlap on the wreath.

Finally, I added my little muslin flowers and yay! All done!


I am so happy with how it turned out! I think it would be just precious on a front door or on a wall inside! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoy!

p.s. I must admit, I did have some good help! 🙂


How To: Hanging Burlap Picture Frames

5 Jun

Ike and I were at TJ-Maxx a few weekends ago and I found the cutest picture frame for $9.00. It was a distressed white color and had was hanging by a piece of burlap. Of course I wanted it. But as I carried around the store, I kept looking at it and looking at it and finally thought “I could make this!” Consequently, I did not buy it and instead opted to do it myself.

I already had burlap (left over from our wedding decor!) and white spray paint. All I needed was a few of my favorite Dollar Store picture frames. After buying these (for $2.00 a piece which was less than the one frame cost at TJ-Maxx!), I gathered together the rest of my supplies and began working.


You will need:
Burlap or Burlap ribbon
Wood picture frames
Spray paint
Hot glue gun

Begin by spray painting the frames. Of course, if you like the color of the frame you bought, skip this step.

This was after two coats. I didn’t want it to be super solid or perfect because I wanted it to look worn and used.

Next, cut the burlap into a strip and then knot it in the middle.

Take the strips and use your hot glue gun to attach them to the back of the frame. Finally, use the scissors to trip off any excess burlap and your done!


I think it turned out really cute! I was pleased especially because it was such an easy project! Hanging it by the burlap just gives the frames a little more character. You could always use ribbon instead of burlap which would be charming too! Hope you like!