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How to Build a Versatile Wardrobe Part 2: The Game Plan

17 Feb

buildawardrobeNow, let’s hope at this point that you have successfully completed The Purge! CONGRATULATIONS! Purging your closet is not easy! Consequently, you deserve a big fat congrats for getting through it and you are now one step closer to creating your dream, versatile wardrobe. So, now what comes next? When taking on any large or potentially difficult task it is always helpful to have a Game Plan and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Since you have hopefully let go of a lot of your clothes, it is clear that you are going to need to do some shopping. However, some of you might feel really lost when shopping. It might be hard for you to find things that fit properly or you might just feel really overwhelmed when you step in to that large department store. Creating a Game Plan will really help you tackle the large task of building a new wardrobe and make it feel much less daunting. So here are some questions that you need to ask yourself prior to embarking on your shopping trip that will help you feel more prepared.

What do I like? That might seem like a really strange question, but sometimes our wardrobes really do not reflect what styles, trends, and fashions that we actually like. It is easy to convince yourself that you can’t wear a trend or use your old clothes as a security blanket or to be afraid to branch out. So, before hitting the mall, browse Pintrest, fashion magazines, catalogs, blogs, etc and find outfits that you really like. Save them on your phone or print them off your computer. Then you will have them for reference and be able to look for those pieces once you are actually at the clothing store.

What do I need? Now this probably seems like a really huge question however the answer (even if you don’t realized it) is almost always BASICS. Long sleeved t-shirts, solid basic t-shirts, camisoles, solid oxfords, a fitted blazer, and jeans. If you do not have any or many of these (that fit well! And if they don’t fit well, you should have already tossed them out!) in your closet, they need to be a huge part of your game plan. Endless outfits can be created through mixing and matching these pieces.

Where am I going to go shopping? Figuring out where to find clothes that really fit you well can be hard. The fact is, you are probably going to have to visit several different stores. Don’t be discouraged! This is normal! Also, if you are used to shopping at one particular store – branch out. Remember, you threw out a lot of those old clothes for a reason! Going back to the same place you bought them might not be the answer. Pre-shopping isn’t a bad idea either. Visit different retailers’ websites and see if they have items that fit your style. This might save you some valuable time by prevent you from wandering into a store that totally does not compliment your size or style. If you possible, it is always a good idea to bring along a honest friend on your shopping adventure. A second opinion is usually never a bad thing.

How much is this going to cost? Set a budget prior to shopping and do not go over that budget. If you love to shop like me, this might be hard. In order to not be tempted, I usually withdraw cash from an ATM prior to shopping and leave my debit and credit cards at home. That way I won’t be able to exceed my budget even if I, in the moment, want to. If you foresee yourself having trouble staying on budget, you might want to do the same. Better to be safe now than poor later. Unfortunately, clothes are not cheap. So, in order to stay on budget and make the most of your money, prioritize what you items you spend the most on. Invest in quality pieces that you know you will wear forever (black pumps, a blazer, oxford shirt, etc.) and do not spend much on trendier items that will only be cool for a season or two.

All righty! I hope this advice will help you towards your goal of achieving a brand new, versatile, “I love my closet so much” wardrobe! Stay tuned for the next installment of this series COMING SOON!



Are we “A Nation of Slobs”?

30 Jul


A Facebook friend of my recently shared with me this video and it really got me thinking. In the video (that you need to watch!), a college professor claims that we, as a nation, have lost pride in the way we present ourselves when it comes to clothes. Consequently, her goal is to “revive the lost art of dressing”. She teaches an entire course entitled “A Nation of Slobs: the Art, Ethics, and Economics of Dress in Modern America” where she shocks students with pictures of glamorous women wearing gowns, gloves, and hats which was the norm in that bygone time.

Her claim begs the question “are we really a nation of slobs”? It goes without saying that some people enjoy clothes, fashion, and “dressing” much more than others. I have always attributed pj pants in the dining hall to laziness or simply an overload of late night homework. And to those frequent shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops wearers, I have always assumed that was their personal style. However, has dressing super casual or barely taking the time to get dressed at all become so normal that we don’t bat an eyelash at nightclothes in public? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

To be honest, I don’t know. I personally enjoy getting dressed everyday. When I take the time to think about my outfit and I really love what I’m wearing, I feel better about myself. It is sort of therapy for me! What do you think? Is our nation’s slobbish tendencies a problem? Or do you think that we aren’t a nation of slobs at all?

I look forward to hearing from you!


OOTD: Wide Leg Pants

29 May

One of my favorite things is when stylish, fashionable clothes are also exceptionally comfortable and that is what I have found with these pants! They are so light, loose and oh so comfy. Today I’m wearing them to work pared with a yellow, flowy button down that I just tied at the waist (right now I’m really into tying shirts instead of tucking them in). Since the pants are such a statement, I kept my accessories really simple by wearing just a pair of earrings and wedges. Hope you like!


Had to pause to give Kalvin a scratch.


Shoes, pants, and shirt from Maurices.





The Horror! Some People Don’t Know the Benefits of Polyvore

7 Feb

I was engaged in a conversation with a friend last week when she mentioned to me that, despite frequently needing fashion inspiration, she was not a dedicated user of Polyvore! What!? Because of this, I am very worried that some poor people still do not know the absoulute wonders of Polyvore. Consequently I am going to outline briefly some of this websites wonderful qualities!


Polyvore is not just for the artsy individuals or those with too much time on their hands. One of the great uses of Polyvore is the ability to build “sets” and “collections” with pieces (tops, bottoms, jewelry, etc) that you are in love with online. You create “sets” by arranging your favorite online pieces onto a board and making outfits. How handy! Not only does this allow you to save your favorite items (so you can go back and buy them later), but it also can serve as a reminder of great ways to wear these pieces. You can virtually try on thousands of outfits without undressing. Or, if you have a way of wearing something or have an outfit that you think is particularly cool or otherwise awesome, assemble it on Polyvore so that other users can glean inspiration from you! Let inner fashionista express herself!

My favorite part of Polyvore is that you can search other users sets and collections. How do you do this? Simply go to Polyvore and at the top right hand side of the screen you will see a “search” box. Within this search box is a drop down menu that will probably say “products”. Select the drop down menu and click on “sets”. Then just type in anything you have been thinking about buying, anything in your closet that you need inspiration on how to wear differently or that you don’t know how to wear at all (i.e. “red pencil skirt”, “boyfriend blazer”, “printed pants”, etc.). Right before your eyes will surface HUNDREDS of different ways to wear that item that you may or may not have thought about before. On numerous occasions, this has helped me out of a wardrobe rut where I get stuck wearing the same piece, the same way, over and over and over. Genius!

If this has not prompted you to at least give Polyvore a try I don’t know what will!


Outfit of the (Snowy!) Day

18 Jan

We got a lot of snow yesterday! I was super excited to see it come because we really hadn’t had much snow at all this year and, though I do love warm weather, at least one good snow each winter is a must. I’m off to work in a bit and here is what I’m wearing!

CIMG4909Skinny corduroy pant, belt, and denim shirt: Maurices;  boots: Beaty’s Shoe Warehouse; watch: Fossil; scarf: (clearance!) Rue21.

Photo courtesy of my husband! 🙂




Street Style!

4 Nov

By popular demand (or really just lots of demand from a particular friend of mine…you know who you are) here is a short preview of a much anticipated street style series I’m going to do! Enjoy!

It is so easy to dress up anything with a blazer. This outfit is a prime example; a simple white tee, a cute scarf, and snazzy flats — perfect.

So trendy! Leopard pants made everyday casual with tough boots.


The cool factor is instantly upped when a colorful scarf and shades are added to a casual look.



Sparkly flats with a girly bow add instant glamour to jeans.



Such a gorgeous, vintage inspired necklace! Love!


This plaid shirt looks great paired with red cardigan and cowboy-ish boots!



Fabulous Fashion Fridays: 1 piece, tons of options

6 Oct

The piece featured in today’s Fabulous Fashion Friday post is a Denim Blazer from Maurices! All of the pieces featured are items that are available right now and I will post links so you will be able to purchase them yourself! Hope you enjoy!

Maxi Skirt – Clearance $10.00!

White Tee – $7.50

Belt – $7.80

Necklace – $8.80

Cowboy Booties – $32.80

Colored Cord Skinnies – $36.00

Gray Sweater – $19.99

Michael Kors Scarf (a splurge!) – $70.00

Riding Boots – $59.00

Socks – $8.00

headband – $1.80

Brocade Dress – $27.80

flower necklace – $8.80

Mary Jane Platforms – $22.80

Socks – $29.50