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Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder

17 Feb

physicians formula pressed powder     I picked up Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder at Target for around $13.00 about a month ago. I gravitated towards this one because of its claims to “correct the most common skin imperfections, smooth skin texture and even out skin tone. Pink brightens, Green tones down redness and Yellow adds warmth.” Despite these lofty claims, this product totally delivers

This powder goes on smoothly over foundation and totally changes your complexion. I have found myself wearing less and less foundation thanks to Physicians Formula! I have strong red undertones in my skin and I have combated that with different foundations and powders for years, however this powder totally evens out my skin tone without making me look pasty or dull. In the place of my redness, I am left with an even complexion and a beautiful glow. If you are looking for shine control, you will also not be let down by this compact. Despite my skin’s tenancy to become oily midday, this powder totally prevents that while also keeping my foundation in place. Need another bonus? All Physicians Formula products are cruelty free! So you can buy without harming any critters in the process.

If I had to list a con to all the pros of this makeup, I would have to say its the brush. Though this is not an issue for me since I never use the brushes that come with compacts. But if you do, beware because the brush is very small and course. My advice: grab a regular powder brush and don’t let this tiny con prevent you from trying out this amazing product!

This is without a question my all time favorite powder and I will certainly be buying it again! If you decide to try it out please let me know what you think!



Mini Drugstore Haul/Review

21 Dec

As mentioned in a previous post, there is a Rite-Aid drugstore temptingly close to our house. Because of its close proximity, I run in there all the time to grab various things that we have run out of and need, like, now. I have all these coupons from there and Rite-Aid Wellness point thingys so, of course, I had to spend them now. I really got some great deals because they had a bogo going on for many of their beauty items that you could use in addition to the coupons. Woohoo! Anyways, I’m going to do a quick review on some of the things that I got.

Revlon Color Stay FoundationI got some of my favorite foundation (click here for the review) because I was almost out and it was part of the bogo.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner BlackI also got some of my favorite eyeliner (review).


I got this nail polish for 50 cents. The color is called I Need a Refresh-Mint #218A and I thought it would be great for summer. For such a cheap nail polish, I have had really good results with it. It really does last a long time and dries very quickly. Great polish for the money!


This eyeliner was $1.50 because of some coupons that I had and the bogo. I used it last night when my husband and I went on a date and I was really impressed. It stayed on all night in fact, I could barely get it off with makeup wipes! Defiantly a great buy!

BrilliantShineHairspray-Product1I love hairspray and I am very particular about my hairspray. I usually don’t like to try new ones because I’m always afraid it won’t work. However, this hairspray was only $2.00 with a coupon that I had so I didn’t think I would be out much if it was horrible. I was again pleasantly surprised!  It holds great and makes hair very shiny. But be forewarned; if you do not like a strong hold hairspray this is NOT for you!

20110107_bb_250x375I also got some more of this mascara that I like (review).

There you go! What are your favorite drugstore products?