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Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder

17 Feb

physicians formula pressed powder     I picked up Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder at Target for around $13.00 about a month ago. I gravitated towards this one because of its claims to “correct the most common skin imperfections, smooth skin texture and even out skin tone. Pink brightens, Green tones down redness and Yellow adds warmth.” Despite these lofty claims, this product totally delivers

This powder goes on smoothly over foundation and totally changes your complexion. I have found myself wearing less and less foundation thanks to Physicians Formula! I have strong red undertones in my skin and I have combated that with different foundations and powders for years, however this powder totally evens out my skin tone without making me look pasty or dull. In the place of my redness, I am left with an even complexion and a beautiful glow. If you are looking for shine control, you will also not be let down by this compact. Despite my skin’s tenancy to become oily midday, this powder totally prevents that while also keeping my foundation in place. Need another bonus? All Physicians Formula products are cruelty free! So you can buy without harming any critters in the process.

If I had to list a con to all the pros of this makeup, I would have to say its the brush. Though this is not an issue for me since I never use the brushes that come with compacts. But if you do, beware because the brush is very small and course. My advice: grab a regular powder brush and don’t let this tiny con prevent you from trying out this amazing product!

This is without a question my all time favorite powder and I will certainly be buying it again! If you decide to try it out please let me know what you think!



Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

8 Oct

       If you are looking for a full coverage foundation that will really stay put all day long, you will love this! I put it on in the mornings around 6am; when I take it off, usually around 11pm, it is still in place and looks remarkably good. Even after sweating, this foundation stays put! My morning routine only involves a little moisturizer prior to application, a swipe of translucent powder over top, and I’m good to go all day long. The blendability of this foundation is limited simply because once you put it on, it is there to stay! So, when applying, make sure you apply a small section at a time while blending quickly. I usually use a foundation brush however your fingers will work just fine. The finish is quite matte but very natural and it is a full coverage foundation. It also contains SPF 15 which is an extra plus! Retailing for $12.00 at the drugstore, you will not be disappointed! It is such a great product for the money.

      If you try it out, let me know what you think!

Covergirl AquaSmooth Foundation Review

2 Oct

Recently a friend recommended this foundation to me and, being currently low in the foundation department, I promptly went out and purchased it for about $7.00 at Walmart. I have combination skin that usually starts off kinda dry but, as the day progresses, gets oily. This foundation is just not for me. The texture is really good – thick, creamy, and smooth. However, it just did not work well with my skin type. Instead of blending into my skin, it seemed to almost sit on top. I tried using both a makeup brush and sponge (the compact comes with a sponge but I’m weird about re-using makeup sponges. icky.) and neither really worked for me. With the sponge, the application seemed blotchy and, when I would attempt to blend, it seemed to just move around on my face or come off altogether. With the brush, you could literally see each brush stroke! I’ve never had this happen before! In addition, no matter the type or amount of power applied, this foundation did not last through the day. I ended up being splotchy in some places and shiny in others. So, if you have combination or oily skin, I would not recommend this product. It may work better for those with dry or normal skin. If you are one of those skin types and have tried this product please leave me a comment and let me know how Covergirl Aquasmooth Foundation worked for you!