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My Best Friend is Having a Baby!

20 Feb

I really couldn’t think of a super creative or cheeky title for this post. Probably because I’m just so downright excited that I am going to be an aunt! Erin and I have been friends since we were little kids playing with our Breyer horses and driving go-carts through the mud. Yea. We had an interesting and awesome childhood! Now, she and her wonderful husband Travis are going to welcome a little baby boy into the world next month and I just can’t express how happy I am for them! AND how happy I am for me! I can’t wait to spoil this little guy tee-totally rotten!

We took maternity pictures a few weekends ago and here are a few of my favorite shots!

Erin2 Erin7b Powers1 Powers2b Powers7a Powers8Powers3 Powers13aShe isn’t due until the first of next month, but everyone is thinking that Lucas is going to make his appearance sooner than later. Needless to say, I no longer put my Iphone on “do not disturb” at night in anticipation of the “the baby is coming!” call! I know Erin’s mom is hoping that Lucas will at least wait until after Saturday to appear that way he won’t be a guest at his own baby shower!

Don’t you worry! I will let you know AS SOON AS Lucas arrives!



Fall Fun

12 Nov

Fall is such a beautiful time of year! Especially here in the mountains! Blue skies. Gorgeous leaves. A trip to an old hunting cabin had no shortage of these fall staples.20131112-080425.jpg







The sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous lately as well.20131112-080529.jpg


Our roosters enjoying their breakfast.20131112-080545.jpg

Little Pig isn’t so little anymore.20131112-080556.jpg

Or pound puppy Tikka has more than doubled in size too!20131112-080603.jpg

These little ones are less than a month old. My little bantam hen hatched them out herself!20131112-080610.jpg


“No more pictures! Let us sleep!”20131112-080835.jpg



“Sometimes the world is a pretty mean place. That’s why animals are so warm and huggy.”

19 Jul


















The Silly Things Horses Do

18 Jul

Any horse owner or horse enthusiast would agree: horses do some pretty silly things. On the most harmless item they will get hurt; in the most impossibly tight spaces, they will get stuck; at the most innocent object, they will spook. My 14.2 h.h. Quarter Horse cross pony managed to wedge herself inside our tiny chicken coop on one occasion – and shut the door behind her. How do they do it!?! I don’t know if they are trying to punish there loving owners or just clumsily don’t realize how ubsurd their actions are, but either way it is undeniable that they do some very stupid things.

My Appaloosa gelding Dusty was recently diagnosed with White Line Disease and, as a result, we are having to keep him up in a stall anytime the ground out in the pasture is wet or its raining. Unfortunately, it has rained a lot here lately. Making the situation even more unfortunate, Dusty HATES being kept up in a stall. While in his stall, he will pretty much destroy anything he possibly can. Hay feeders, water buckets, even the stall door, doesn’t stand a chance.

This morning, when I went out to feed him and muck his stall, I noticed something strange as I approached the barn. A window was missing.

Yes. Missing. Gone. I marveled and, I must admit, fumed as I got closer and realized that Dusty had literally ripped the window right out of the wall.
But then my horse-lover tendencies kicked in and I began to worry that Dusty might have cut himself on the window glass or on some other window part in his very effective window removal project. When I opened the stall door I could not believe what I saw…

CIMG5607 CIMG5608 CIMG5611I am assuming that he first broke the bars off the window then stuck his head through, got stuck, and ripped the window off the wall. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t figure out how to actually get out of the window – or maybe he is trying to start a new horse fashion trend (pay attention horse owners! Your horse is going to be begging you for this accessory!). Luckily, he did not have a single scratch from the ordeal. I don’t know how he managed that. He also looked quite guilty and embarrased as I lifted the window off his head however I’m resisting the temptation to feel sorry for the rotten guy.

CIMG5614He was very thankful to have the window gone – from both his neck and its proper place on the wall. Oh my goodness. Please just pray that his feet heal soon or we may not have a barn left to stall him in!

For some reason, I still love him. *sigh* 😀

Our One Year Wedding Anniversary!

18 Jul

Last week, Ike and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! It is so cliche to say that it doesn’t seem possible that it has been a year, but the cliche totally applies here! As does the age old saying “time flies when you are having fun!” I am so very blessed to be married to my best friend.

Here are a few photos from our big day courtesy of Kasey Kesner Photography!

DSC_0279 DSC_0395 2 DSC_0402 2 DSC_0503 2 DSC_0534 2 DSC_0583 DSC_0195

For our anniversary, Ike planned a wonderful surprise date night! He would not tell me where we were going! That day, before the big surprise, we hit up some local flea markets (which is a weekend routine for us! We LOVE searching through junk looking for treasures!) and grabbed a sushi lunch. That evening he revealed to me that he had made reservations for dinner at  at the Martha Washington Inn Restaurant! I had never been, but had always want to! The Martha Washington Inn was originally built in 1832 and served as an all girls college, then a hospital for soldiers during the civil war, and now as a hotel, restaurant, and spa.


(photo from: islandeyenews.com)

Being the sweetie he is, Ike bought me an entire outfit to wear to dinner! He even got my sizes right and, if I dare say, I couldn’t have picked out a cuter outfit myself!

20130718-073529.jpgDress, belt, and necklace: Oldnavy. Wedges: Maurices.

We had such an incredible time! The food, service, and atmosphere was amazing. The inside of the hotel is as stunning and history-filled, as the outside. I cannot wait to go back again! I’m hoping this becomes an anniversary tradition. 🙂